Ian Schapiro

Ian Schapiro

Senior Advisor

Mr. Schapiro began serving as a Senior Advisor following his retirement from Oaktree in April 2024.  Prior thereto, he served as the portfolio manager and managing director in Oaktree’s GFI Energy Group, which executes the Power Opportunities investment strategy.  He also previously served as co-portfolio manager of the firm’s Infrastructure Investing strategy following Oaktree’s acquisition of the Highstar Capital team in 2014.  Mr. Schapiro co-founded GFI Energy Ventures, the predecessor to the GFI Energy Group, which became part of Oaktree in 2009.  He previously served on the boards of ArchKey Solutions, Cherokee International Corporation, Contract Land Staff, Elgar Holdings, Elgin National Industries, Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development, InfraSource, Infrastructure & Energy Alternatives (NASDAQ: IEA), Integrated Pipeline Services, LPPI Holdings, NORESCO, Osmose Holdings, Remedial Construction Services (RECON), Signal Energy, Smart Systems, Solomon Corporation, Trace Technology, Trans-Elect, UtiliQuest, and Xantrex Technology.  Prior to co-founding GFI Energy Ventures in 1995, Mr. Schapiro was a partner of utility consulting firm Venture Associates and of Arthur Andersen & Co. following that firm’s acquisition of Venture Associates.  Previously, he was the Chief Financial Officer of a technology company and a commercial banker focused on the energy sector.  Mr. Schapiro received a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa and an M.B.A. from the University of Southern California.

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