Kenya Williams

Kenya Williams

Managing Director and Real Estate Product Specialist

Ms. Williams is a managing director and product specialist for Oaktree’s Real Estate strategies. She also oversees the real estate product specialist team. In these capacities, Ms. Williams and her team are responsible for various aspects of real estate product marketing, investor relations and product development. Prior to joining Oaktree in 2021, Ms. Williams was a managing partner and owner responsible for business development, finance and operations for Uncomn Project, a real estate focused marketing and consulting company. Prior thereto, she was with J.P. Morgan Chase as an executive director in real estate banking. Before that, Ms. Williams was with PNC Bank as a senior vice president and California market manager for real estate banking. Ms. Williams began her career with Wells Fargo as a vice president and relationship manager in the real estate group. Ms. Williams received a B.S. in business administration with a concentration in real estate finance from the University of Southern California.

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