European Principal
Portfolio Companies

Included below are current and past portfolio companies of the European Principal strategy. Current portfolio company descriptions are as of May 31, 2023, while past portfolio companies are as of the time of exit. Excludes all deals with invested capital below €25 million.

    Abelo Capital Aviation

    Abelo Capital Aviation (Ireland)

    Based in Dublin, Abelo is one of the leading lessors of commercial turboprop aircraft globally. The company’s core strategy involves acquiring popular mid-life turboprop aircraft at a discount and leasing these planes to regional airlines.


    Asacha (France)

    Asacha Media Group is a multinational television content and production business. The group comprises a pan-European alliance of content creators and producers, and has a presence in the United Kingdom, France, and Italy.


    Atomos (United Kingdom)

    Atomos is an independent boutique asset management business based in the United Kingdom, focused on providing a range of investment products and solutions to individual investors.


    Avenga (Germany)

    Avenga is a global IT and digital transformation company. The firm provides strategy consulting, solution engineering, managed services, and software products to clients in Europe and the U.S.

    Balance Out Living

    Balance Out Living (United Kingdom)

    Balance Out Living is a residential property developer and operator constructing multi-unit residential rental properties in London, with a particular focus on all-inclusive living for new graduates and young professionals.


    Banca Progetto (Italy)

    Banca Progetto is an Italian challenger bank with an online deposit-taking platform and a focus on several specific lending verticals, including loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and salary-secured loans.


    SAS Coffim (France)

    Coffim is a French property developer specialising in residential housing and office buildings. The company operates out of Paris, with offices in Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse.


    Cult.Fit (India)

    Cult.Fit is a health and wellness group based in India. Its offerings include mental, wellbeing, fitness, medical and lifestyle care.


    Duologi (United Kingdom)

    Duologi is a United Kingdom-based specialty consumer finance company that provides point-of-sale financing. The company targets the e-commerce sector as well as specialist retailer – both online and “bricks and mortar” businesses.


    Estoril Real Estate – (Portugal)

    Estoril Real Estate is a Portuguese residential real estate development platform. The company was formed by funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P. together with experienced Portuguese investment managers and real estate industry experts.

    Evolution Wellness Group

    Evolution Wellness Group (Southeast Asia)

    Evolution Wellness is a leading Asian fitness club network. The group is dedicated to developing a comprehensive wellness ecosystem and supportive atmosphere.


    Fairfield Real Estate Finance (United Kingdom / Ireland)

    Fairfield is a real estate lending platform that provides investment and development finance for commercial properties in underserved markets in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

    Fitness Lifestyle Group

    Fitness & Lifestyle Group (Asia Pacific)

    Fitness & Lifestyle Group is one of Asia-Pacific’s leading health and wellness groups. Their primary focus is to make a positive impact in people’s lives through innovative and diversified health and wellness offerings, across physical and digital platforms.


    FOLBB (Germany)

    FOLBB is a European cartonboard producer with a focus on virgin wood fibre. This sustainable alternative to plastic packaging is used primarily for food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging.


    IASO (Greece)

    IASO is a Greek healthcare group offering multiple medical specialities including a 24-hour emergency department. The company’s flagship asset is the state-of-the-art IASO Athens, Greece’s leading maternity, gynecological, and children’s hospital.

    LifeFit Group

    LifeFit Group (Germany)

    LifeFit Group is a leading German fitness group, uniting eight fitness brands from boutique to high-value-low price and premium segments under one roof.


    Lifestory (United Kingdom)

    Lifestory is a United Kingdom-based platform established in 2019 that develops, sells, rents and manages retirement living properties across the country.

    Mail Boxes Etc

    Mail Boxes Etc. (Italy)

    Mail Boxes Etc. is a leading third-party provider of shipping, fulfilment, printing, marketing communications and e-commerce solutions to small businesses and individual consumers, and operates via a network of franchised and owned locations.

    Marini Impianti

    Marini Impianti (Italy)

    Marini Impianti is an Italian market leader in manufacturing of electronic and mechanical systems for the railway safety and signalling industry. The company covers the entire value chain from research and development to aftermarket services and is also active in the aerospace and defense sectors.

    Media and Games Invest SE

    Media and Games Invest SE (MGI) (Global)

    Media and Games Invest SE is a publicly listed video game publisher and digital advertising company.

    Metrea Aerospace

    Metrea Aerospace (United States / United Kingdom)

    Metrea Aerospace is an information-age aerospace and defense company that designs, builds, and delivers cutting-edge, turnkey solutions in multiple domains and across a wide variety of missions to governments in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

    MFD Rail

    MFD Rail (Switzerland)

    MFD Rail is a Swiss railcar leasing company that focuses exclusively on the manufacturing, leasing and maintenance of intermodal railcars. The company offers a modern railcar fleet alongside high quality customer service and support.


    Next Clinics (Germany)

    Next Clinics is a healthcare platform focused on the assisted reproduction treatment industry in Europe. The group offers a range of services to families across numerous European countries.


    ProService (Poland)

    ProService is a leading transfer agent for the global market offering specialized front and back-office solutions for both European and international financial institutions, including mutual funds, pension funds and insurance companies.


    Rafi (Germany)

    RAFI has a 100-year history in developing, producing and installing powerful solutions for almost every step-in human-machine communication – from simple buttons to sophisticated touchscreen systems. The company is based in Germany and operates in markets globally.

    the ritz-carlton yacht collection

    The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection (United States / Malta)

    The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection is an ultra-luxury cruise line, established in partnership with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, part of Marriott International.


    SAF (France)

    SAF is a leading European helicopter owner and operator. The company is active across multiple business segments, notably helicopter emergency services, passenger transport, and tourism spaces, and operates within Europe and South Africa.


    Saloro (Spain)

    Saloro is a tungsten mining operation in Barruecopardo, located in central Spain.


    Schwa-medico (Germany)

    Schwa-medico is a medtech/fitness tech company that develops electrotherapy devices for pain treatment and muscle stimulation. The company operates out of Europe, with a global reach.


    TacAir (U.S.)

    TacAir is a U.S.-based defense contractor that provides specialized technical consulting, training and contracted air services to the U.S. military forces and certain allied governments.


    TIO (Ireland)

    TIO is an Ireland based real estate development platform focused on office space development. The strategy was later extended to the Dublin residential and retail markets.


    Tribes (The Netherlands)

    Tribes is a flexible office provider in the Benelux region. The group provides serviced workspaces inspired by different tribal communities around the world.


    Unavets (Spain)

    Unavets is a leading group of veterinary clinics and hospitals across Europe. The group has over 80 clinics in Spain and Portugal and is expanding across the continent.


    Vitanas (Germany)

    Vitanas is a leading German provider of private nursing care facilities. The company comprises an extensive network of services including retirement centers, clinics, and outpatient care.


    Zzoomm (United Kingdom)

    Zzoomm is a provider of fiber-optic infrastructure and services in England. The company provides a fiber-to-the-home broadband network which is significantly faster than the typical network operator.


    Ainscough (United Kingdom)

    Ainscough is an operator of mobile cranes in the United Kingdom. The company supplies lifting solutions to the petrochemical, energy, infrastructure and construction industries.


    Almatis (Germany)

    Almatis is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of premium alumina and alumina-based products.


    Altais (France)

    Altais is a 37,700 sqm office building located in Montreuil, an eastern suburb of Paris.


    Arcade Beauty (U.S.)

    Arcade Beauty is a global leader in sample packaging solutions for the fragrance and cosmetic industries. The company, which was formed by the merger of Arcade Marketing and Bioplan, operates in France, Spain, the U.S., Brazil and China.

    Ascot Lloyd

    Ascot Lloyd (United Kingdom)

    Ascot Lloyd is a platform established by the European Principal Group in 2012 and is a national firm of financial planners and wealth managers.


    Axilone (France)

    Axilone is a global leading manufacturer of primary plastic and metal packaging for the lipstick, fragrance and skincare segments. The company operates in France, Spain, the U.S. and China.


    Bavaria Yachtbau Gmbh (Germany)

    Bavaria Yachtbau, founded in 1978, was a global producer of mid-sized leisure boats. The company produced sailboats, motorboats and catamarans, and sold its products through a network of independent dealers in 50 countries.


    Belvedere (France)

    Belvedere is a luxury vodka brand. The product is based on 600 years of Polish vodka-making tradition.


    Campofrío Food Group, S.A. (Spain)

    Campofrío is a leading processed-meats producer in Europe, with a presence in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, France, and the Netherlands. The company’s brands includes Campofrío, Aoste, Navidul, Oscar Mayer, Fiorucci, Imperial, Nobre, Stegeman, Caroli Foods and Jean Caby. Products include, among others, cured ham, dry sausage, poultry, cooked ham, cold meat, sausages, pizzas and hot dogs.

    Costa Edutainment

    Costa Edutainment (Italy)

    Costa is an Italian market leader in the management of public and private recreational, cultural and educational sites (for example aquariums and theme parks).


    Countryside Properties (United Kingdom)

    Countryside develops private and affordable homes on greenfield and brownfield sites through partnerships with landowners, local authorities and registered providers. The company primarily operates in London, the South East, East and North West of England.

    Countrywide PLC

    Countrywide PLC (United Kingdom)

    Countrywide is a leader in the United Kingdom’s residential real estate agency and property services market. The company’s property services include real estate sales and rentals, mortgage and insurance services, land and new homes, franchising, auctions, surveying, conveyancing, and corporate property management services.


    DO Deutsche Office AG (Germany)

    Deutsche Office was a leading German listed commercial real estate company with a focus on German metropolitan centers. The company was created through the February 2014 merger of German Acorn, and Prime Office REIT-AG, a publicly traded German real estate company.


    Dometude by Kley (France)

    Dometude is a platform focused on developing and operating student housing in France.

    Echo Investment

    Echo Investment (Poland)

    Echo Investment is a leading Polish developer in the office, commercial and residential real estate sector listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


    Evac (Finland)

    Evac is a global designer, manufacturer and marketer of environmentally friendly waste and wastewater collection and treatment systems for the building and the shipbuilding industries.


    Fitness First (United Kingdom)

    Fitness First is a global health and fitness group. The group operates gyms across the United Kingdom.

    Green Containership Group

    Green Containership Group (Luxembourg)

    GCG was a container ship platform established to acquire and lease newly built eco-designed container ships.


    Griffin (Poland)

    Griffin is a Polish special situations real estate investor focusing on hard assets, with well-diversified retail, residential and office platforms. The Griffin team has over 45 team members executing a range spectrum of real estate investing and management activities.


    Hansa Heavy Lift (Germany)

    Hansa Heavy Lift was the owner and operator of a fleet of heavy-lift vessels. From offices in Europe, Asia, North and South America, the company offered transport and installation solutions, as well as heavy-lift, super heavy-lift and project cargo transportation services.


    Harkand Group (United Kingdom)

    Harkand was a subsea service provider to the oil & gas industry, that specialized in inspection, repair and maintenance of, and light construction for, offshore oil fields. The company owned a fleet of Diving Support Vessels (DSVs) and offered a full range of subsea services including diving, remotely operated vehicles and survey support.

    Healthcare Activos

    Healthcare Activos (Spain)

    Healthcare Activos is a healthcare real estate platform specialized in developing, managing and renting healthcare assets (care homes, hospitals and clinics) in Spain.


    Hesira Group (United Kingdom)

    Hesira is a dental clinic platform in the Netherlands and Switzerland.


    Jackson Square Aviation (France)

    Jackson Square Aviation is an aircraft leasing company based in San Francisco, California with additional operations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. The company capitalized on the distress and dislocation in the aviation ļ¬nance market by executing sale-leaseback transactions on new or near-new, next-generation commercial aircraft with carriers around the world.

    Kadans Science Partners

    Kadans Science Partners (Netherlands)

    Kadans is a leading development and management platform for science parks and buildings dedicated to knowledge-intensive industries, universities and start-ups in the Netherlands and other European countries.

    Kloeckner Pentaplast

    Kloeckner Pentaplast (Germany)

    Kloeckner Pentaplast is a global manufacturer of sustainable and recyclable plastic films and high-barrier protective packaging for food, pharmaceutical, health and durable products.


    Milpro (France)

    Milpro is a leading provider of inflatable and semi-rigid boats for the military and high-end professional market.


    Navig8 (United Kingdom)

    The Navig8 Chemical Tankers platform was established to acquire and operate long-haul, newbuild chemical tanker vessels in partnership with Navig8, a leading chemical tanker operator and manager of third-party vessels.



    Nexo, formerly The Student Housing Company (Europe), is a leading owner-operator and developer of purpose-built student accommodation in Spain and, previously, Ireland. The company was formed in 2012, on the back of SHC’s successful United Kingdom student housing business, in order to capitalize on the supply-demand imbalance for purpose-built student accommodation in Spain and Ireland. Nexo sold its Irish portfolio in December 2016, and the company is now focused on the Spanish market.


    Nordenia International AG (Germany)

    Nordenia is a leading multinational manufacturer of technically innovative and value-added plastic film and packaging for customers in the food, hygiene, chemical and automotive industries. A majority of the company’s revenues come from blue-chip, multi-national consumer product companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nestlé and Mars. The company was acquired by Mondi Group in October 2012.


    Panrico (Spain)

    Panrico is a leading branded pastry, bread and biscuits producer in Spain and Portugal.


    Railpool Gmbh (Germany)

    Railpool is one of the leading European locomotive leasing companies with a large fleet of modern electric locomotives and passenger trains equipped with multiple country kits to enable easier travel between European countries with different track technologies. The company offers extensive ancillary services, such as full maintenance and documentation.


    R&R Ice Cream (United Kingdom)

    Built through a series of acquisitions, R&R is a leader in Europe’s private-label ice cream and take-home ice cream manufacturing industry in Europe. Its products are sold to major European retailers as both private label and branded products, some of which were manufactured and sold through licensing agreements with major international marketers including Nestle, Disney and Modelez International. The company was sold to PAI Partners in July 2013.


    SACO (United Kingdom)

    One of Europe’s leading owner-operators of serviced apartments and aparthotels, providing furnished residences (including kitchens) that offer guests a less intrusive service component with a longer average length of stay than hotels (30+ days).

    Sani & Ikos Group

    Sani & Ikos Group (Mediterranean)

    Sani & Ikos Group is a leading hospitality group operating luxury resorts in the Mediterranean.

    sgd pharma

    SGD Pharma (France)

    SGD Pharma is a worldwide leader in glass pharmaceutical packaging. The company was one of two subsidiaries of Saint-Gobain Desjonqueres before SGD split its Pharma and Perfumery businesses into independent operating units. SGD Pharma was sold to China Jianyin Investment Ltd. (“JIC”), a Chinese state-owned investment company, in October 2016.


    Solvtrans (Norway)

    Solvtrans is a leading wellboat operator globally servicing the salmon fish farming industry. Wellboats are used for the transportation of live fish as well as disease treatment services.


    Stock Spirits Group (United Kingdom)

    Created through the merger of Eckes & Stock and Polmos Lublin, Stock Spirits Group is one of the leading spirits producers in Central and Eastern Europe. Its principal geographic markets are Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. Its shares were listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2013.


    The Student Housing Company (United Kingdom)

    The Student Housing Company is a leading owner-operator and developer of purpose-built student accommodation in the United Kingdom. Formerly Knightsbridge Student Housing, the company was formed in 2010 to capitalize on the lack of supply and financing in the United Kingdom student housing market. In September 2016, the company was sold to a consortium led by Global Student Accommodation.


    Titlestone (United Kingdom)

    Titlestone is a specialty property finance company that was established in 2012 to provide loans to small- and medium-sized developers in London and the South East of England.


    Verescence (France)

    Verescence, formerly known as SGD Perfumery, is a worldwide leader in the production of specialty glass bottles for the perfumery and cosmetics industries.


    Veridis (Israel)

    Veridis, formerly known as Veolia Israel, is active in the waste, water and energy sectors in Israel.